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Azooka LifeSciences

Azooka LifeSciences

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RNAWRAPR for Covid191/2
RNAWRAPR for Covid19
RNAWRAPR - Sample Collection Kit for CORONA Virus Disease
India’s First, Safest, and Fastest Nucleic Acid StainIndia’s First, Safest, and Fastest Nucleic Acid StainPRICE ENQUIRY

Azooka LifeSciences

Searching for Fastest & Sustainable diagnostic DNA gel stains?
Try out the world’s Fastest DNA staining or DNA extraction kit/RNA extraction kit.

Who We Are?

Azooka.Life - A reputed Fluorophore startup nucleic stain company in India established in 2016. Is a specialty fluorescent dye company, manufacturing for genomics research and molecular diagnostics. Their first product to market, Tinto Rang, is a safe DNA stain that replaces Ethidium Bromide and SYBR dyes at a much more affordable cost, making this sort of disease diagnostics more accessible for all. It’s also safe for researchers who use nucleic acid dyes on a daily basis in labs, which is a potential mutagen and carcinogen. We are engaged in producing a wide range of DNA/RNA gel stains for all kinds of laboratories, research studies, genomics research,Bioagro, BioPharma industries, and molecular diagnostics.

Why Us?

As a leading fluorophore startup nucleic stain company in India, helps light up the building blocks of biology with highly-efficient total RNA extraction.
For Efficient Purification & Clean-Up Of DNA. Request A Quote Or Free DNA extraction kit Sample!

Highlights -
1. Highly Efficient Products.
2. Quality Customer Service.
3. Unique, Safe, highly photostable cell membrane-permeant dye.
4. 100% safe for live-imaging and is the only food-graded nuclear stain dye.
5. Rapid purification of high-quality RNA extraction kit is ready for sequencing, cloning, and other downstream applications Contaminants such as bacterial DNA.

Our Products for sale:

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Top Seller DNA Extraction Kit - TINTO RANG STAIN SERIES - Tinto rang DNA Gel Stain Academics - Tinto rang DNA Gel Stain 10000x - Tinto Rang PCR Mastermix with Standard Taq DNA polymerase - Tinto Rang Hot Start PCR Mastermix - Tinto Rang High Fidelity Phusion Mastermix, and more.
ANO CELL STAIN SERIES - ANO Mitosis Teaching Kit - ANO Yeast Staining Solution -
Book your Free Test Samples for free. Limited period offer. Order your DNA extraction kit Immediately. The best price is guaranteed. Hurry up!

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Azooka LifeSciences

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