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    About Us

    iKampuz is a modern communication app of great use for the education industry. With increasing workload for teachers and students it is indeed the best possible solutions available in the industry. Experts of the education industry have designed its features keeping in view the requirement of the industry. It provides the moist secure online environment for interacting among educational institutions and within he institutes. It provides services like assignments, time tables, teachers meeting, download, knowledge center, sell/ donate, reward system and many more. Its USP is all about “keeping you connected. It gets reviews from parents and teachers to make effective decisions. Many a times it is not possible to attend parents teachers meetings but iKampuz provides platform for Teachers and parents are to interact frequently. iKampuz welcomes innovative ideas and has an ever growing environment. It provides a number of exclusive app features in the education industry. It understands the need of its clients and accordingly customizes the services. They are always at service for their clients and gives them the best and service provided by them is worth the money paid by its clients. It not only sells you the best but also offers best after services. They are open to genuine feedback. This app is also helpful for the administrators as they can easily inform changes in schedules and can do it quickly and without any hassle. The progress and performance of the students can be monitored easily, Best performers can be easily noticed. It is also a knowledge center as many informative articles and write ups can be uploaded for the students. i Kampuz is a one stop solution for parents as well as students. It is very interactive and all effort is made to give the best to the students and also provide ready made tools for teachers and administrators of educational institutes.

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  •  Evaluations of ikamuz (28):
    • Avinash Shukla
         Avinash Shukla

      I want to tell you all about a fantastic app today. This app is for student, teachers, parents and schools. I am using it to monitor the performance of my child in school. It helps me to show my involvement in my child’s learning. Nice app, thanks keep it up.

    • Mason Roy
         Mason Roy

      ikampuz mobile app is a revolutionary step to keep parents updated about each and every activity from school in time and hence decreasing communication gaps. I would like to have an option where I can always send a message to school.

         RICKY RIGHT

      Easy to use and understand. Highly beneficial for our institute. We are running out IT institute for past so many years but communication with students and teachers was never so easy. All thanks to the new ikampuz app. Features like polling, quiz and notifications in this app are unique and equally beneficial. We are also planning to implement the app in our school as well from the upcoming session.

    • mansi kumari
         mansi kumari

      We were earlier using an app for in our college but it was more like an ERP but ikampuz is more of a communication app. This app has really helped us in working and communicating without a hassle. Things have become so streamlined. Students are faculties everyone is so happy and it saves them a lot of time as well.

    • sonakshi banerjee
         sonakshi banerjee

      Since, we have started using ikampuz mobile app in our school; things have been streamlined and have become more convenient. Parents, students, teachers as well as the management, everyone is very happy about it. It is so easy to understand and use. The best part is that, we get real-time information through the app. Parents are happy that they are able to keep a track of everything and teachers are happy as they are able to send information to parents so quickly and without any hassle.

    • Govind Chauhan
         Govind Chauhan

      Ikampuz app is great. It keeps me updated with everything that is happening with my child in the school. Be it assignments, time-table, notice, bus location, performance or anything else, I could check it all at just a click. Now, I can work carefree in my office without getting worried about my child all the time. All thanks to this wonderful and practical mobile app.

    • rahul kashyap
         rahul kashyap

      ikampuz mobile app is a Great app because future and present need of schools full-fill by this amazing school parent communication app.
      There are many advance features including easy student data base management, and easy fees management.
      Connect engage and learn is what ikampuz mobile app.

    • Vandana Maniar
         Vandana Maniar

      Being a Principal, it used to get difficult to talk to each teacher individually on daily basis or to monitor each and every class daily. But now, due to ikampuz it has become much easier .Now, I am able to easily monitor what is going on in each class without a miss. I can easily end messages to teachers and features like feedback and polling has really helped us in improving the school.

    • Ranjeet Singh
         Ranjeet Singh

      ikampuz app is the best Mobile app for schools! The features are very good and useful for the parents and as we can get daily updates about our child which was not possible earlier. We are happy that the school has implemented this mobile app for communication purposes.

    • viraj rana
         viraj rana

      ikampuz is the need of the hour for the schools as mobile has become integral part of our life now a days and on the top of it, it is a very cost effective solution for schools. Schools must have it.The response of the parents is also very positive as now they can easily discuss things about their ward directly with the concerned teacher.

    • Birjesh Singh
         Birjesh Singh

      I am an MBA student. Our college has recently introduced iKampuz app. The app is wonderful as it saves lot of our time especially during the exam times as we get all the notifications on the app and can also contact our faculties through this app without running to the college for every small concern.

    • vivak kumar
         vivak kumar

      Attendance, Performance, Fee Reminders, Assignments, Important Notice and everything else is now available just a click away on our mobile phones. As a parent, iKampuz is a perfect app for us as it keeps us updated about the activities going on in the school. I like the teacher meeting feature the most, where we can address our problems directly to the concerned teacher.

    • rajni lata
         rajni lata

      Ikampuz is a perfect app for me. As I am a working mother and therefore it used to get difficult for me to keep a regular check on my child’s day to day activity in schools. From the day, the school has switched to ikampuz app, all my problems have come to an end.

    • noida best
         noida best

      ikampuz is a great android mobile app .We are using it for our training institute .The communication has really improved and the confusion between the parents and the students has been minimized since we have started using this app .We just need to update an entry in our database about the new admissions and rest of the work is done through the app only .Class time table, holiday ,assignments,marks and everything else can be easily uploaded on the app.

    • dall stan
         dall stan

      Great App! We are using it in our school for 3 months now. The app is easy to install and use and the parents are also quite appreciative about the app. The work load of our teachers has been reduced as they do not have to call each and every parent individually for informing anything. The parents are also satisfied as they are able to get information on time.

    • Supriya Singh
         Supriya Singh

      We are an IT institute in Noida and we are using Ikampuz app for communicating with the students. Most of our teachers as well as the students are working professionals. It used to get so difficult to call them every time for communicating any message. Ikampuz has made this interaction so much easier for us now. We can upload all the information about the classes and the activities on the app and everybody gets to know about it.

    • Sumit Jaiswal
         Sumit Jaiswal

      I am using Ikampuz for past 6 months and I would say that this is the best student app so far. Our college was using another app prior to Ikampuz and when I compare the two, I find Ikampuz much better than the other one. The user interface of this app is very good and the best time about it is the real time interaction. This app is so convenient as we can get our marks and date-sheets through this only and we do not have to rush to the teachers for every small thing,

    • Krati Jain
         Krati Jain

      This is the perfect teacher-parent communication mobile app. It allows bi-directional messaging and allows parents, teachers and students to communicate about homework, events, activities, attendance, Time-Table and Assignment. Ikampuz is a must have for all schools.

    • Golu Punjabi
         Golu Punjabi

      We have been using Ikampuz app for past 4 months and the results are outstanding. It save our time and it has become easier to pass on information now. The best part about this app is that the information and data of a particular class can be accessed on by its members. This feature does not only provide data security but also saves us from confusions. The response of the parents is also very positive as now they can easily discuss things about their ward directly with the concerned teacher.

    • Prateek Jain
         Prateek Jain

      ikampuz app is really a very helpful app.We are using it for our training institute and we have around 50 staff members and approximately 200 students. Since ,the time we have started using this app ,the communication channel has become very smooth .The problems of absenteeism do not affect work flow in the institute anymore .The trainers and the students both are quite happy as it has become way easier to communicate to respective faculties and all the information could be circulated .

    • Mahesh Negi
         Mahesh Negi

      Ours is a training institute in Noida and we have started using ikampuz from past 6 months only. Tracking each and every student and providing them the relevant information becomes very difficult when you are running a center as each and every student is from different area and different course. Ikampuz has really helped us in saving communication time and it is a perfect application for us to communicate within the system.

    • Narendra Tomar
         Narendra Tomar

      We have been using IKampuz mobile application in our university. The application has now become a part of our daily routine as we are able to pass on important information with just a touch. It has become very easy to trace and track every student now. We have received a positive response from students, as they have also got a platform to address their queries easily.

    • Rahul Kumar
         Rahul Kumar

      Ikampuz app is just perfect for our school. It has become easier to communicate with the parents. Our teachers don’t have to call every individual parent for every small thing or information. It is easy to use and is time saving.

    • Jiya Khan
         Jiya Khan

      excellent app, great innovation. it is really helpful in keeping track of your ward with school. I am impressed. Thanks ikampuz.

    • son right
         son right

      I am a writer and love to write different stuffs especially for children and students. Thus, I was looking for an easy accessible platform so that I and my articles could reach the desired audience easily and effectively. Then I came to know about Ikampuz app and today I have successfully posted my write ups and articles on this app and I am glad that they have been cited by many students.


      I was absent from my classes for almost a week and when I resumed my classes , vacations started .I was not able to get the assignments and notes of the classes which I missed and which were give as homework to us .I was really worried .Then my friend told me to install ikampuz app ,I did so and got an easy access to them .I completed them on time and submitted them successfully .

    • riya kumari
         riya kumari

      I am a teacher and strongly support the use of Ikampuz app to everybody. I use this app not just to communicate with my students but also to manage my time table and inform my students about different things and events. It seems so easy to convey any change in the schedule to the students with the use of this app. My students are also happy with the use of this app.

    • Anuj Kumar
         Anuj Kumar

      Earlier I was so much worried to track the progress of my child .It was quit difficult for me to personally visit the teachers to get the info about the progress of my child .But with the introduction of ikampuz app , I am very happy and easily track the progress of my child .I effectively communicate with the teachers and get feedback from them instantly .Thank you ikampuz.



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